Friday, October 12, 2012

Bucket List Update

Hi ya Kit Kats...
Hope you're Friday is zooming by, can't wait to get to the weekend...

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So.... here was my bucket list... and what I crossed off...

I mean at least i TRIED..... though i realized some of the goals i listed are much more loooong-term than 1 month short term...

So for this month, i revised it to some more managable goals...

This month:

And, i may or may not have cheated by putting some on there that i KNOW i'll be able to cross off by next month. Don't judge. i know you're tempted to do the same! hehehe.

watch, now that i said that i totally jinxed myself...

Anyhoo.... that's the list for this month. What's on yours?


  1. you gotta dig deeper. this is supposed to be a bucket list, not a to-do list!

    here's a snipit of mine:
    hike at Mt Denali
    visit all MLB baseball stadiums
    go to Oktoberfest in Munich
    Read the entire collection of Peanuts cartoons

  2. Love your new list - I want to steal some of yours for my next updated list:) Good for you for learning how to crochet! I don't have the patience:(

  3. Love your updated list! I think I'm going to have to steal some of these ideas for my next list! Good for you for learning how to crochet...I don't have the patience!!

  4. For your last month bucket list,

    I think you should go to Disney LAND...and I'll meet you you can also cross off a blate!! :)