Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Does That Make Me Crazy?!

Another fun link-up (2 posts in one day, i'm on a roll!)
Does it make me crazy that....

  1. I need the radio volume in my car to be listened to at volume numbers with EVEN numbers only.
  2. Not only does my dog wear a diaper like a baby, but sometimes i swaddle him in a blanket like he's a human child (he HATES it).
  3. When my husband doesn't turn off the water when he's brushing his teeth, I HAVE to do it. No matter where he is in the brushing process, beginning or end, if i catch him, water off!
  4. (This is for my designer friends) - when doing layouts in InDesign, all measurements must be in either whole numbers or quarter increments. For example, if i have a box that measures 1.29374 or even 1.29, it gets either scaled to 1.25 or 1.5.  Once in a while 1.3 would be acceptable, but that is only in emergencies (#ocdtendencies)
  5. When it rains and i have to walk outside, i tend to walk on my tippy toes, so as not to get the bottoms of my pants wet! 
What kinds of crazy things do YOU do?


  1. I HATE getting my pants wet from the rain!!! Not cray at all!!! Thanks for linking up!!!

  2. I carry my sweet doggy boy like a baby sometimes so I understand!

  3. bahahah I do the rain thing too! I hate when the water from puddles seeps up your pant legs!

  4. I hate when someone doesn't keep the butter/cream cheese/ice cream/etc smoothed out flat inside the container.

  5. number 4 made me laugh! and I do the same thing in the rain too!