Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Biggest Surprise of my Life.

Hi girls, i'm back from an amazing weekend and one of the biggest surprises of my life! I am now soon to be the future Mrs. G! Shocking right? I mean, I knew that G and i had plans for the future and were going to be building a life together, starting with me moving in with him in September, but i definitely didn't think he was going to propose til sometime next year (since that's what he was telling me for MONTHS! sneaky squirrel!)

This is how it all went down...

Friday as i was leaving work, G called and asked if i wanted to go to dinner at The Chart House in Weehawken. Its an upscale seafood restaurant with stunning views of the Manhattan skyline as its right on the Hudson River.

It had been raining pretty hard and i knew rush hour traffic up the turnpike was going to be annoying, but i reluctantly agreed, figuring it was a Friday night and i shouldn't be acting like i was an 80 year old.

Our ride up to the restaurant was pretty uneventful, and though G says he was a bundle of nerves, i didn't really notice. Though, at one point i did comment on how quiet he was... and then i noticed that his hands were clenched (he told me he was cold LOL)... so i guess my subconscious knew something was up!

We got to the restaurant at about 8... and were promptly seated by the windows facing the skyline. It was really the perfect view... (well minus the rain) We ordered and got our drinks, pomegranate mojitos... i looked over at G and his drink was GONE already! (Later he fessed up to needing some liquid courage!) Then he turned to me and said "so are you all ready to move in with me?" which, we've been talking about this for the past few weeks and i've already started bringing some of my belongings over... so i was a little confused as to why he was asking... but STILL didn't think anything of it! so i replied, "yup, of course i am!" he then said, "and are you ready to spend the rest of your life with me?" i gave him a funny look and said, "well i certainly wouldn't be moving in with you if i wasn't ready to spend my life with you!" (yeah, im a snot sometimes. haha!) he then proceeded to lean forward and place a jewelry box on the table.

WHAAAAAAAATTTTTTT??????!!!!!!!!!!!  my heart was POUNDING in my chest as i literally stared at the box for a good half a minute, and then asking him, whats in there? whats in the box.... looking back i was channeling my inner brad pitt via the movie seven.... though i didn't have to worry about finding a head in the box, and my feelings were of total complete surprise, excitement, shock and absolute happiness.

I slowly opened the box and saw this.

the photos don't do it justice!

G got down on one knee next to the table, and asked me to marry him. which he then had to repeat another 2 times, because i just kept saying, "omigod, omigod, is this real?" until i finally realized i hadnt given him an answer and said "YES! of COURSE i'll marry you!"

The realization of it hit me about 5 minutes later, and then i was bawling like a baby... i then proceeded to ask him a million questions about how, when, did he talk to my parents, who else knew, etc. Which he had fibbed to me a little bit during the day in order to pull off his big plan... and yes, he talked to my parents and was given their blessing (they were ecstatic as they are old school italian [yes, italian, im adopted] catholic, dont live together before your married folks).

The rest of the night was spent finishing dinner, calling friends and family and stopping by my brother's house to share the good news.

Future Mr and Mrs!

All i can say, is this has been a dream come true. Though its only been 8 months since we've been together, i just feel like i've been thru so much in the past 5 years of my life that i finally know that what i have is perfect. After first being with someone who had a drinking problem, was verbally abusive, degrading and plain mean and then someone who was great but didn't put me as a priority or gave me any kind of committment, i finally found someone that would go to the ends of the earth for me. So for all you ladies out there that think you're never going to find your happy ever after, DO NOT give up. Just be patient and it will happen when its supposed to happen and trust that God knows what's best for you.

sorry my hand looks old and creepy! ba hahahaha. and i have to get the ring sized smaller...

Now onto wedding planning! Who wants to help? :)


  1. O.M.G. That ring is AMAZING!!!!!! He picked a great one!

    So exciting...and I can't believe we were just talking about this.

    If you want any help, let me know. I've helped in a few weddings... :)

    Seriously, congratulations again!

  2. OH MY GOSH!!!! Congratulations!!! That is so awesome!! And the ring looks absolutely beautiful!!! You're a very lucky girl :) I wish you both the best!


  3. love this post. such a sweet proposal. so happy you found your prince...and yes...even though i don't have one i fully agree that when you know, you know.

    and that ring is GORGEOUS...your guy did good. real good!

    congrats again to you and your sweetie.

  4. the story is amazing, romantic, awesome. THE RING! GORGEOUS! If that pic doesnt do it justice, then damn, I wanna see it in real life! It's GORGEOUS!

  5. That was such a sweet story! The ring is amazing. Congrats.

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  6. so exciting! congratulations! the ring is beautiful! best wishes to you both!

  7. ok so im behind on blog reading and SOOOOOOOOOO happy to see this! congratsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! happpppppier than ever for u!