Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Confessions! Vol 3

Morning All... Starting out and trying to blog before i get working... i know i've been slacking a bit, things have just been so darn busy and now that wedding planning is taking over, it's only going to get worse. So, please, bear bare bear with me and i'll try my best to not be MIA.

Anyway, i've had a lot on my mind so here are my confessions...

I confess... I had every intention of going to the gym last night, i even put gym clothes on... but when my roomies wanted to order dinner and be couch potatoes, i found that idea MUCH more appealing.

I further confess... that i said to make up for it i would go today after work... yeah that ain't happening either... its Friday and i'm feeling more like a pedicure than an hour on the treadmill. (Can i get an Amen to that?)

This will NOT be me.

I confess... that wedding planning already has me a bit stressed. I know this time around its much smaller and there isn't nearly as much to do, but still... finding a venue, finding a minister, finding a photographer can all be overwhelming. Oh yeah, and did i mention finding the money to pay for it all? My stomach hurts just thinking about it.

I further confess that it sort of makes me want to just elope in Vegas. I just don't want to look back 20 years from now with any regrets. G's mom didn't get to see him get married his first time around, and i'd really love for her to be able to witness it this time around (especially since its FOREVER this time! hahahaha)

This could be G and i... married by Elvis? Swwweeeeet!

I confess... i was SO tired the other night i fell asleep in my gym clothes, without washing my face OR brushing my teeth... Skanktastic right?!

I confess... i love that my roomies are make up artists. I get so much free make up that i almost never have to actually buy any. they are saving me probably hundreds a year! I just got 2 eye shadow palettes... the new smokey eye palette and a matte eye palette that's not even out yet. I'm wearing it today, its

You can find it here
I confess... I keep forgetting to get a stamp to mail an invitation for my cousin to my dad's 70th surprise party. By the time she gets it, the party will have passed! Then again, i don't expect her to actually come, so maybe that's why it keeps slipping my mind!

Anyway, that's about all i have time for today... Hope you all have great weekends and I'll be back next week and maybe start to detail some wedding plans (i won't overload ya's, don't worry)...

Happy Friday!

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  1. I have put on my workout clothes and procrastinated not going more than once (this month). So guilty.