Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm trying to be good...

but i just can't control myself! Went to Kohl's on lunch break with C today... i was doing really good, til i spotted this:


Luckily this is the only thing i bought... i was able to restrain myself from further buying shit i don't really need. However, i do have a family BBQ on Saturday and this pretty sundress will look perfect with some brown flips and a braid of some sort! Oh and it was on sale from $50 (crazy, i would never have spent that much) down to $35. Just gotta go home and try it on and see if it fits...

My budget is usually not so tight that i can't afford to spend $35 on a dress. i usually end up buying tons of random crap during the week. However, next month dad is turning 70 and we're having a surprise dinner party for him, and i have to help foot the bill. ah yes, the joys of being an adult with a better job than the rents... but you only turn 70 once, right? so i want to go all out.

i also calculated how much its costing me to have doubled scooter's dosage of allergy pills. $35 - A WEEK. so that's $140 a month. for dog medicine. just shoot me. i'm now attempting message #3 for the vet to see what she says about the dosage he's on... long story short, we upped the dosage, its working great, and i'd like to switch him from two 10-mg pills to one 25-mg pill. just waiting for the ok from her. which would drop the price to $80 a month though i found a generic, so if she approves that it will be like $5 a month which would be a godsend on my wallet.

so because of that, im just trying to watch my wallet... How good are you at refraining from spending when you're on a tight budget?

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  1. ever thought of getting pet insurance?
    I have my dog on VPI.. (
    it's pretty cheap, depending on what kind of dog you have and what kind of plan you get, but that may help out with the monthly costs for pills...