Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wedding: Invites

So i guess i should really get started on the invites even though i'm super lazy. Even though we are only having a dinner with about 20 people, i still need to let them know the details... unless i evite them which is pretty tacky even for me...

As a graphic designer, i've designed tons of invites for friends as well as my own wedding invite the first time around which i loved... so its just natural to be forced  to want to do it for this big event in my life...

Here are some designs i found on weddingpaperdivas that i'm using for inspiration. I also ran them by the fiancè last night to get his thoughts on what i should choose, not that ill listen to him!

I'm shooting for something simple this time around... since we're only having very close family i'm not even bothering with a response card since i already know everyone is coming...

There are different things about all of these that i really love... mostly i want to stay simple... and not sure about a color theme? Last time around i matched the invites to the bridesmaids dresses and flowers, but since i'm not having bridesmaids and have no idea what i'm doing for flowers, does that really matter?

I also need to come up with better wording since my parents aren't so much "giving me away" and/or "hosting" the event. Rather G and i are paying for and inviting everyone... so hopefully i can find something cute/catchy for the beginning of the invite.

Let me know which ones you like (if any) and if you have ideas on wording!


  1. I really like the first and fourth invites.

    As far as wording ideas, check here:

    If I lived closer, I'd do a simple bouquet for you. :)

    Does the venue offer to do a bouquet for you at all?

  2. I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOVE the gray invite with the yello/birds! Super cute!!!