Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Doggie Fashions...

hiiiiiiiiiiiii peeps! its me, scooter!

i bet you're wondering where my ma is... 
she asked me to do a little shout out 
what up bitches! 
and by bitches i really DO mean female dogs...
(whassup sadie belle, how YOU doin, you fly girl...) 
oh sorry, dont mind my pimpin'...
anyway ma been supa dupa cray cray lately... fo shizzle.

im going to tell you a little (p)diddy about the time the old lady thought it was a great idea to get me sneakers. YES, sneakers. you heard right...
first of all peeps, dogs dont need sneakers. we have paws. with pads on the bottom. and nails. so we're naturally bad azz. the man upstairs who's in charge of all the biscuits is smart and set us up the right way. not like you silly humans and your, (cough cough... stupid) sneakers...

But nooooooo... ma thought that this was a *genius* idea:


she put these monstrosities on my feet and i have NEVER been so humliated in all my life.

I refused to walk. I just wouldn't nor couldn't move in those clunkers!
Watch mom moms try her hardest. 

And yes, its a minute of pure misery for me.
 i'd rather be in da slammer then show my face in these...

This is the real me, yo...
2 words for ya, GANG... STA.
Sup son!
The old lady is just trying to ruin my street cred, knowwhati'msayin'...

Rio's experience was just as bad.

Yup, i know... you're not laughing with us, you're laughing AT us.

Thank God Rio attempted to "walk" (like a ra-tard) to shut ma up.

And let me tell you peeps, if i EVER see those horrid red and yellow things come out again, 
i will poop on them. 

Mark my words.

peace out dawgs....
scooter dizzle fo shizzle.



    Scooter is so freaking adorable!

  2. OH EMMM GEE look at that lil thug! hahahahha I am cracking up! Hysterical. He is so cute!! Sadie Belle says what up G?! ;)


  3. bahahahahahahahahahaha HIL-AR-I-OUS. omg i cannot stop laughing!