Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Product Review: Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo/Conditioner

A few weeks ago I was at my favorite store (Target) shopping for a new shampoo and conditioner. I'm one of those beauty junkies that likes to try everything and anything, so I rarely repeat the same brand of shampoo twice. I spied this:

Here are the descriptions for the two, off the Organix website:
The Pros: They smelled nice. Honestly, that's all I can come up with, so you know where this review is headed...

The Cons: The shampoo was a bit on the watery side, didn't sudse up too well. I overlooked that figuring the conditioner would be much better, I mean, after all it has OIL in it. Though the consistency of the conditioner was thick, I felt like it didn't really coat my hair well. I had to use a LOT of the product (pet peeve, when you have more shampoo left than conditioner at the end of the bottle) to work it through my long hair. I also like to run a comb thru my hair while the conditioner is soaking in so I can easily detangle. One word: OUCH. The conditioner did nothing for my hair and though it seemed to absorb quickly, it didn't feel like conditioned hair, rather... it still felt like I had just shampooed. I thought maybe I would feel the softness and see the shine once I dried my hair. Wrong again... it actually feels LESS soft than my normal Herbal Essences/Pantene brands. I give these products a major #fail. At $6.99 a bottle, I'm going to try to suck it up and just use it up, but I'm totally tempted to write to the company and ask for a refund (heck, maybe i'll just send them this blog!)

Anyway... my recommendation is to skip this one... have you tried this shampoo, what are your thoughts?

DISCLAIMER: All thoughts, comments, recommendations are MINE and mine alone. I was not paid in any way by anyone to review on this product.


  1. i tried this shampoo and hated it! i am loving my new paul mitchell shampoo :)

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