Thursday, December 15, 2011

Not to Toot my own horn, but...

sometimes i've got MAD skillz yo.
i know you totally can't tell from looking at my lame ass template blog design
(web isn't my area of expertise, yet... or i'm just a great procrastinator)

but i just did a little photoshop magic for a co-worker for her daughter's year book.

i don't work in photoshop a whole lot...
and i'm definitely not a photoshop pro by any means.
i blame this on a very cute boy that distracted me to the max in college
when we were in photoshop 101.
(totally worth almost failing that class to spend a whole 4 hours a week flirting my head off with him)

ANYWAY... here's the BEFORE.

My co-worker wanted ONLY her gorgey daughter in the photo...
So i dug back (way back) to those college days and this is what i made happen.

Am I good, or am I good? LOL

On that note, i'm famished... think we're stuffing our faces with some good old taco bell for lunch.
chalupa me!