Monday, February 20, 2012


So tonight is the first night my husband starts his new shift. We've been very fortunate that he was able to land this job with better pay and doing something that he'll enjoy more. But, unfortunately, his shift is now 4pm - midnight... so my nights just got a heck of a lot more lonely (though Scooter is here to keep me company, and his sweet smelly doggie kisses are just irresistible). I'm trying to look at this as a blessing in disguise... here are the pros and cons...

  • more time for girly stuff like face masks, painting nails, and picking out outfits that correlate to ones i find on Pinterest
  • i can watch all of MY shows vs ESPN and NFL network... yes, i always give in to watching what he has on. i'm such a NICE WIFE! ironic enough, i just spent the past 2 hours watching the knicks game by myself (they lost. booo. still love lin tho!)
  • this girl's getting her {fat} arse back to the gym
  • more time to BLOG! (though, i have taken to blogging at work again. i just couldn't stay away)
  • no rushing home to have dinner on the table at a reasonable hour... and if i want a bowl of cereal, i don't have to feel bad. actually G said he might even be cooking for me in the afternoon, so i'll come home to a fully cooked meal. how awesome would that be!
  • i can pick up some hobbies that i just haven't had time for - knitting, scrapbooking, reading (yup, i sound like the typical 70-year old)

  • less QT with the hubby (i'm totally going to miss hanging out with him every night)
  • lots of solo dinners
  • being that G won't be getting home til 1am, he probably won't be hitting the hay til about 2 or 3am, therefore sleeping in... that means i have to pick out my outfits the night before unless i want to have to get dressed in the dark with a flashlight
  • most of my friends are home with their husbands, i spend my nights with my dog

OK, so OVERALL... the pros outweigh the cons... so we'll see how it goes... whether i like it or not, i'll have to adapt to this new lifestyle, and i will. might just take a few nights of me really missing my hunny to adapt...

back to work tomorrow... guess i better go try to pick out my clothes for tomorrow...
have a good night!

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  1. I've been severely slacking on commenting on blogs lately. Just too much going on at work...then after work.

    But boo for no hubby at night...but those are a lot of pros. ;) That knitting, scrapbooking and reading sound amazing...although maybe you should throw in some soap operas, or Jeopardy...then you'll be 70 haha.