Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's OK Thursday...

I got one word for ya's today. SH!T.
Sorry Honey Its Thursday!

One day closer to Friday...
its so close i can taste it.

But until we get there i'm linking up

And here we go!

It's TOTALLY ok...

that i spent all of last night playing Bejeweled Blitz on my phone
and trying to catch up on episodes of Hart of Dixie
so much that i almost didn't even cook dinner!

that i was 15 min late to church to get ashes
for Ash Wednesday
even though the service was only about 20 min long.
and it was because i had a dermatologists appt.
a clear face is a totally legit reason, no?

that because of "womanly issues" after my shower this morning,
i went back to sleep on the couch
in fetal position
for another half hour
which made me a little late for work!

that i didn't realize til around noon
that my underwears are on inside out
that's what happens when you get dressed
in the dark!

that i'm mooching off mom&dad for dinner tonight.
she even called to ask me if chili was ok...
i resisted the urge to say ANY food is fine by me!

It's SOMEWHAT ok...

that i have ZERO work to do today...
but that i'll probably be swamped tomorrow.

that i'm actually looking forward to catching
the Knicks game tonight
because i may have a small case of

that i've banned myself from any 
"recreational" shopping 
for the next couple months
so i can pay off some MAJAH credit card bills.

that i'm contemplating chopping my hair
but can't decide if i should or not.

It's NOT ok...

that i've had laundry sitting in the dryer
since Sunday.
can we say wrinkled?!

that i wore a blazer today
with a winter coat over it
only to feel like a fat panda
that couldn't bend my arms while driving to work

that i somehow have a subscription
that i didn't sign up for
to Golf World
i don't read it
and wish they would stop sending it.

that my entire tax refund is going
to pay bills.
OK, that IS ok, but i'm still grumpy about
not using it to shop.

what's ok (or not ok) with you today?


  1. HAHA love that your underwear was inside out! I always feel claustrophobic when I wear a jacket over a blazer - its like you're trapped!! haha

  2. Is it ok that I'm completely SICK of my LAZY coworkers this week!?!?

    But...Lin-sanity!!!! ;)

    Can you tell ME not to go recreational shopping?? Or to NOT cut my hair..I've been debating it, but after my last trim, my hair is finally back at the length where it looks good when it's curled.

    You also crack me up about the blazer...