Monday, February 13, 2012

Not the Best Way to Lose Weight and Other Weekend Ramblings...

Oh Mondays... you are back, wayyyy too quick this week. At least next week, we'll be off for President's Day... (hopefully that includes you!)

Anyway, I got a big 30 minute jump start to my weekend on Friday... I was feeling a bit under the weather but came home to a sweet surprise! G couldn't wait til Tuesday to give me my V-day gift, so it was waiting on the counter when i walked in...

Not one, but TWO Michael Kors bags... the note read, "i couldn't choose" and sadly I was only allowed to keep one... which i love love love love love. unfortunately my phone was dying and i didn't capture the 2 bags... but here's the one i ended up keeping... 

he also put flowers in both bags, and i got to keep both bouquets... :)
ain't they perrrty?

Our plan was to head to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, for some wings and brews and see if all the hype about the savior from the NY Knicks was true... (and it is, people, it is...)

Now I have ALWAYS been a Celtics fan... even traveled up to Boston for a weekend to go to a Celtics game. Paul Pierce is my guy... (i know PageTwentyTwo is cheering right now!) BUT, can i tell you... i got sucked into the Lin-sanity. #linning I won't lie, i like the kid bc he's asian. REPRESENT. (i know SeoulFresh is cheering) Not only that, he seems to be a good kid, who is grateful to both God and his family and is so humble that it just makes it hard not to like him. Anyway, the knicks won against the Lakers on Friday and then the Timberwolves on Saturday... G is all sorts of psyched and already making plans to get to a game with my bro...

So anyway, since i wasn't feeling super great, we ended up scrapping the dinner plans, grabbed a quick bite at the diner (i had a cup of matzoh ball soup) and headed home for the game. My bro showed up and the boys sat down with their beers and i sat down with my Christmas themed fleece. (Yes, i know its february, don't judge). I started feeling worse and worse. We're talking nausea like you wouldn't believe... so i figured i'd just hit the hay early... i went into the bedroom to lay down and what proceeded over the next 24 hours was the most horrifying sickness i have ever had to deal with. #dramaqueen.

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS GROSS. Do not read this if you're eating or get grossed out easily.

This is what i had:
Noroviruses (genus Norovirus, family Caliciviridae) are a group of related, single-stranded RNA, non-enveloped viruses that cause acute gastroenteritis in humans. The most common symptoms of acute gastroenteritis are diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach pain. Norovirus is the official genus name for the group of viruses previously described as “Norwalk-like viruses” (NLV).
Yup, i'll spare you the disgusting details, but will highlight some key points.
  1. I slept tried to doze on the couch, in a sitting up position because of the nausea and the proximity of the porcelain goddess.
  2. Saturday woke up with a fever and body aches, and stayed in bed
  3. WebMD diagnosed me with stomach cancer. {sweet, way to freak me out stupid webMD}
  4. My mom wanted me to check into the ER because i was super dehydrated, but i refused because i was literally afraid i'd shit my pants if i went anywhere. {how sad is that!}
  5. Gary did the food shopping for me and while i'm grateful, spent DOUBLE what i normally spend at the supermarket and bought so much JUNK food.
  6. i was only able to eat 3 crackers all day saturday. yesterday i managed a grilled cheese sandwich for the entire day.
  7. because of this (and the non-stop shitting) i lost 4lbs in 2 days. {though, i do NOT recommend this diet}
  8. i'm finally better today, but still a little scared to eat.
There was a news article that said about 20 students at Princeton University had come down with it and while i'm long past my college days (and certainly not smart enough for Princeton) i work close enough to the school that its totally plausible that i could have come in contact with someone in maybe either the CVS by work or somewhere like that.

The good news is, 36 hours later, i am totally fine and have recovered. [like a boss]

Please tell me your weekends were better than mine!


  1. WOW - your man knows how to give a gift!!!! Love the bag you picked! I was literally smiling as I read the part about you being a Celtics fan:) Made my day:) I heard of some others getting that Norovirus - sounds pretty awful:( Don't ever WebMD your symptoms - I'm always dying when I tell them I have a tickle in my throat! Glad you recovered:)

  2. First...Brotha from anotha Motha is dominating!! <3 Him!

    Second...I want a purse and flowers!!! Damn, I need to get moving on this whole relationship thing.

    Third...Boooo for sickness! Glad you are feeling better though!!

    I thought I was dying after being on WebMD. I try to stay off that site when I'm sick now and just lay in my bed and proceed to think I'm dying.

    Anyways...Happy Valentine's Day. And if your Hubby and Bro get to go to a game make sure they tell Lin I'd consider marrying him....even though I don't date Asians. ;)