Tuesday, February 28, 2012

to cut or not to cut.

THAT is the question...

lately i have been contemplating doing this...


welll.... maybe not THAT drastic.
i'm not pulling a britney...

the long hair
as of late. 

as in i hate it and want it gone.
til i do it.
and then i'll want it back!

but lately, i've been finding soooo many cute pics!
of shorter hair do's.

and its soooo tempting.
like this

or this

or this
(images via Pinterest)

i had it short a few years ago...

i actually had it even shorter originally but that's about
the length i'd go.

help me decide...

1 comment:

  1. DO IT!

    I've actually been contemplating the same thing...but now it's at the perfect length again where it lays right after blow drying it in the morning...and I always have thought I don't look good in short hair.

    But you can pull it off!! Besides...hair grows. ;)