Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Taking 5.

Oh hai!
Long time no talky to!

i know i know, i've been the world's WORST blogger lately...
this whole limited internet at work thing is REALLY the pits.
and i know you've all been just DYING to know what i've been up to lately!
(besides putting glasses on my dog...)

Well here are some fun pics to recap...

i've been...
Trying out new OOTD's...

vest - kohls
brown shirt - target
pants - H&M
boots - aldo

babysitting this cutie patootie!
and she had a LOT of energy!
oh and we watched Dora Shapes and Colors.
3 times.

chill-axin' in bed with the dog that thinks he's a person...
excuse the double chin. 
clearly i have not been hitting the gym.

trying to come up with new words in Scramble with Friends...
i really think THIS should have been a word!!

playing hooky to go skiing!
and for those of you who were wondering, 
no i did not actually get up to 47.7 speed.
i just forgot to shut the app off when we got in the car... oopsy!
my max speed was about 22mph. #baller
and then i face planted.
and sprained my arm. #nospringchicken
but, we had a great day and i got to spend the day with my hunny!
what have you been up to lately?


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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the fur vest - I want one of those but don't think I can pull it off:( Glad to see you blogging again!!