Friday, February 10, 2012

Fun Photo Friday: Jersey Shore Edition

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As i've missed the last couple weeks of this thanks to my company limiting our internet, i knew i had to get back on the FPF train today! AND yes, i'm at work, AND on the net... i'm SUCH a rebel! hee hee.

ANYWHO. A decade ago, before Jersey Shore was a show on MTV, it was the place to be all summer, every summer. My friends and i used to live spend time down there. The music's and the guidos are still the same but since then, we've gotten old matured. My pretty friend on my far right even has two little adorable girls... Our favorite stomping grounds were down in Seaside but before Karma even existed! The place was called Temptations or Temps... we also used to hit up Bamboo & Merge, which are still there... Those were the days of staying out all night, dancing, drinking, flirting  and coming home when the sun was coming up...

You'll notice for the most part, we're pretty dressed down... Literally wearing sweats and totally casual. The reason being? We were there to dance.... We didn't care about boys, about drinking, or about hooking up... we were there to work our assets out on the dance floor... Sunday nights were famous for their party with resident DJ Denny Tsettos... who was HUGE in his day for spinning the sickest house/techno music... and you guessed it... making everybody there throw their hands in the air and bust out a fist pump or two. The video below is at Karma, and was a Tempts reunion... such a throwback to the good old days!

Oh and BTW, the girl to my left... not in the current circle of friends anymore... sometimes best friends DON'T last forever. And so we move on... hence the mad face in case you were wondering.

Even though things have changed over the years, i would totally love to go back to one of those crazy dance-your-ass off and not have a care in the world nights... just let the music flow through you and i guarantee that fist will soon be in the air... *wink*

Happy Fist-Pumping Friday Loves!


  1. LOVE everything about this! I can't believe you were in Pauly D's stomping grounds before he ever got there. This is fantastic. *Fist Pump* Happy Friday, girl!!!

  2. I can't tell you how many times I get asked if I have ever been to Seaside when I tell people I am from New York...

    Your the people I actually do remember though!!!

    I'll fist pump to that~!