Friday, April 13, 2012

Oyster Shooter x 4.

Ahhh fun photo fridays i've missed you.
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Today i'm jumping back to a gross, yet fun, hilarious and traumatizing memory...
DISCLAIMER: This post is not for weak-stomach people!
Let me set the scene for you a bit...

It was 2009. Holiday Happy Hour, organized by yours truly at Big Fish - a local seafood joint in Princeton. We were all gathered after work to celebrate the holidays, relax and kick back after a successful year...

Staying true to our previous happy hours, we decided to take a shot. And me, having to prove that i was wearing my big girl panties that night decided i would partake in said shot. Only this wasn't any ORDINARY shot. It was an Oyster Shooter... now you may be wondering what kind of disgustingness is in an Oyster Shooter, so let me break it down for you:

  • Absolut Peppar
  • Splash of lemon
  • Splash of Cocktail Sauce
  • and 1 Big Ass Nasty RAW OYSTER

Yup, its SPICY and MUSHY and LEMONY all at the same time in your mouth... so basically you can't just down the shot... you have to chew the massive oyster thats at the bottom.  Only, I couldn't eat the oyster!!! I know, you have a look of PURE disgust on your face right now imagining this. I tried... i chewed, i gagged, and then i did it. I spit that sucker back into the cup. My eyes were already watering from the Absolut Peppar (that shit is HOT)...

And what follows this is absolutely horrifying.... The guy in the pic in the black button down (my buddy M) comes over to me... sees the oyster in the glass and calls me a big ol' P*SSY for not eating it.... so i chuck it down again.... chew.. chew... chew some more.... GAG and spit it back out...i just couldn't do it. that nasty ass oyster did NOT want to go in my belly....

are you ready for this..... M grabs the glass...... and DOWNS my TWICE CHEWED up oyster!!!!!
i mean, i'll admit, we were drunk as skunks, but that's just downright NASTINESS!

after i somehow managed to get myself home that night, i woke up around 4am to empty the contents of my still burning stomach and prayed to the porcelain goddess for the rest of the night... and yes... it was as spicy coming back up. (TMI?) coincidentally, M tossed the oyster onto his driveway when he got home....he also didn't remember puking until about 2 days later AFTER he called me "weak sauce" for not being able to hold my liquor.

To this day, the sight of raw oysters make me gag. so while i wouldn't want to necessarily GO BACK to this memory, it was an awesome night (pre-shot) and makes one hell of a funny story that we tell people!

What photo would YOU go back to today?

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  1. OHHHH EMMMM GEEEE!!! HAHAHA I'm dying reading this.....I can't believe that guy ate your oyster that was chewed twice....this is straight up Alicia Silverstone shit. CRAZY! HAHA I wouldn't even go near a shot like that!