Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Doppleganger

Today I'm linking up with hot mama Raven for

I've gotten a few certain celebs (one in particular) over the years, but i thought it would be fun to see what My Heritage would pick for me. And boy was i surprised....  shall we take a looksie?

OK, obv, being asian, it paired me up with another asian.... who... maybe is a celebrity somewhere other than the USA, because i sure as hell never heard of her...  and there's a few more asian "celebrities" on there... but PARIS HILTON???? ex-squeeze me??? KATE HUDSON? ummmmm, i don't THINK so... they are like the whitest of white girls... and i highly doubt anyone would ever say i look like them. don't get me wrong, they're both gorgeous... but they are also both BLONDE.

So i tried another photo:

Once again, mostly Asian celebrities that i've never heard of... and a dude. Though, i think its my poofy hair and his that it matched up. LOL

Here's the celebrity i get most often...
Lucy Liu
i was in a bar once and some guy was convinced i was one of the charlie's angels... bought me drinks and called me lucy liu and took pics with me... i kept telling him i wasn't but i guess he was wearing his beer goggles hard that night. True Story.

I'm guessing because she is a very popular Asian actress that people know that's why people say I look like her, even though, apart from the freckles we both share, the rest of the facial features just aren't there.

The 2nd most popular celeb people say i look like is
Carrie Ann Inaba
Our favorite DWTS judge--- once again, i personally don't see it... but i guess there aren't too many famous asian celebrities out there for people to compare me to.

Who is your celebrity Doppleganger?


  1. You are gorgeous! And you do look like Lucy Liu... My sister is also named "Shay".

    ** I am your newest follower!
    xoxo, bree

  2. I can totally see the Lucy Liu in your pictures I am surprised that it didn't match you!

  3. i see both ladies :)

    cute blog!

  4. OMG. The bar story is awesome.

    I love convince people untrue things. I convinced a friends sister that I was part Irish once. Like, really?

    I looked at a few for me...all asian celebrities. NO idea who any of them were. lol

  5. I totally see Lucy Lu...
    I will be your girl Drew...

  6. I think you look like Tia Carrere! (however you spell it) I love her! but don't worry, at least you only got ONE dude!!! Most people got them at their top 5 matches ha!!!