Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Because I'm Pretty Hungry...

 I figured I'd do a Pinteresting Wednesday post on some food things that i want to try.
We're trying real hard to get on the healthy eating train in my house. Well, G is already there and going hard with his gluten-free/dairy-free, can't eat anything that doesn't taste like cardboard diet. I've been following along a weeee bit more loosely. But since summer is upon us, it's time to get my butt into gear.

I've been really into smoothies every morning. they are healthy and nutritious, and most of DELICIOUS! I definitely want to see how some of these are.

This chicken looks tasty, even though the asparagus will make your pee stink! hee hee hee...

Who doesn't love banana bread... especially CLEAN banana bread! I'm definitely going to have to make this soon!

Spinach/feta turkey burgers, YUMMO!

Just a few yummy looking pins for today!


  1. Im gonna NEED to try these feta spinach turkey burgers. YUM!

  2. I LOVE green smoothies but remember when if it ever gets bitter, just add a banana to lighten the flavor!!!!! Freezing fruit to be used later rocks too!!