Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sometimes life is just unfair...

Taking a moment today to write about something that's hitting close to home. The following is an article about a man that was beaten to death over a parking accident dispute. Let that sink in. BEATEN TO DEATH. over a parking accident.

The article on ABC news reads:
The victim of a fatal beating was doing a favor for an acquaintance, giving him a ride.
It was the last thing he would do.
Now police are looking for the man who beat and killed 70-year-old Robert Sabio over minor incident that took place in a parking spot.
It happened in Irvington, New Jersey.
"This is something that only happens in the newspaper or on TV, it doesn't happen to anybody you know," said Linda Sabio, widow.
But sadly, the worst has happened to Linda Sabio's family.
Her beloved husband of nearly 44 years is dead, the victim of a vicious beating after a minor parking dispute.
"If anyone did not deserve to die the way he did, it was him. He didn't have one mean streak or bad bone in his body. He did nothing but good to everyone," Sabio said.
But police say what happened to 70-year-old Robert Sabio last Wednesday night on Springfield Avenue in Irvington was far from good.
He dropped off a friend and was pulling out of a parking space just in front of Casey's Tavern, when he bumped a car behind him. There was little or no damage but a dispute erupted. Sabio was badly beaten, rushed to the hospital, and died two days later.
An electronic message board on the street is now asking for help in finding the individuals from that other car.
"We would urge anybody who was in that area at the time to come forward," said Carolyn Murray, Acting Essex County Prosecutor.
As investigators examine security video and search for witnesses, those who live and work in this neighborhood don't seem surprised by the violent attack.
"It's a bad neighborhood. Stupid things happen here, frequently," said Bob Wibber, a store manager.
Senseless is how the Sabio family describes it, as they struggle with the loss of a beloved, husband, father, and grandfather.
"He's 70 years old. He had a bad hip. He wasn't real steady on his feet. They didn't have to do what they did," Sabio said.
The man killed was my dad's cousin. Granted, i only met him once or twice when i was very young, but still, he was family. And my heart is hurting that such senseless violence took his life. He was a husband, a father, a grandfather. And now he is gone. Because of a parking accident. Unreal. Its just sad to think that there are people in this world dying from wars and famine and disease. And yet, people in this country are being killed over things like PARKING. Is it just me or does this seem ludicrous?

Today, I'm praying for my dad and his family that they find the evil people that did this and punish them. And RIP cousin Bobby.


  1. This is so sad and not right at all. Im so sorry for your loss. Its sad when a death takes place in a family and it's worse when its for something like this. I know their is so much good in the world but it always surprises me how much awfulness there is too ESPECIALLY when it hits home. I hope you will look for the sunshine. Prayers to yours!! xoxo

  2. The video finally worked now for me to watch this. This makes me upset for your family. I hate that their are mean people out there and its just not right. This makes me sad for you and I know we dont know each other. Sorry, I had to comment again. This is not fair at all!!!!!!!!!! I hope justice prevails!! (((hugs)))

  3. People are SO messed up. I'm so sorry that this happened to anyone, especially someone in your family. People in this world need help. That is completely unacceptable and disgusting. I hope your family has peace soon, in this horrific and tragic time. Lots of love and hugs!

  4. O.M.G. What is wrong with people!?! I am so sorry to hear about this. I can't believe how people are raised in this world some days.