Friday, June 21, 2013

Neon Yellow French Mani

Today's post is short and sweet...
Linking up to show off my cool nails for this week...

Today's nails are brought to you by the letter's Y for YELLOW 
and P for Pain the arse! LOL

Here's the PINspiration for the look:

And here's how they turned out.

The color I used is called "Did I Dye It Too Blonde" by Spoiled...
I used french manicure tape to achieve this look, plus a paintbrush with acetone nail polish to clean up the edge.
But... I had to put about 4 coats of the yellow to get the color to show up.
And IRL it does NOT look as neon as the above pic or the color in the bottle.
I didn't use "nude" nail polish, just clear to finish it off... which i needed about 2 coats of that.
So these puppies took a WHILE to dry (note to self: don't start a manicure like this at 10:30 at night)

All in all, i'll keep them on. And if i try them next time, i think i'll try a coat of white first and then paint the neon yellow over that and see how it turns out.


  1. Youre brave. I dare not attempt to do that! Its look good though!! :)

  2. I LOVE IT!!! My nails look like shit after this weekend, so I need to redo them. I just haven't been doing anything crazy since I don't have time...and I definitely don't have time for a french manicure! lol

  3. Love it! Neons are difficult to build up so not sure how the Pin-spiration person got their nails to look like that. They need to share their secrets! hehe