Thursday, June 20, 2013

The most bizarre leggings you'll ever see.

I was perusing FB the other day when I saw an article a friend had shared that was
way TOO crazy not to click on.

The title of the article was:

China 'Hair Stockings' May Help Scare Off 'Perverts,' Everyone

Uhhhhh, say what?! So of course i had to click and lo and behold...


i mean, i get it. NO ONE likes a creeper.

but don't you think you'd get more (so be it negative) attention wearing these?!
and... what if there was a non-creepy guy that you actually WANTED to attract in the same vicinity as the creepers? then what? 

i hope y'all are laughing as much as i am just thinking about the possible scenarios these leggings could provide.

which, hmmm, i might have to order a pair to "surprise" G when he comes home late, slides into bed... and feels some hairy leg action. that could possibly be
just imagining his reaction is priceless.

Would YOU ever wear leggings like this?
(do i even need to ask this question? i think not.)