Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blonde Moment

Last night I got home to cook dinner, only to find the meat I had in the fridge still wasn't defrosted enough to cook... so I decided it would be pizza night... and just do a little side salad along with it.

I decided to make this deliciously yummy pre-made frozen pizza.

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So the best way I know to cook the pizza is just straight on the rack, with a piece of aluminum foil on the bottom rack, in case anything drips. OK, easy enough... things are going well, the kitchen is starting to smell good, and finally, the pizza is ready...

Now the challenge becomes, how to get said pizza out of the oven without creating a mess... brilliant me, grabs TWO metal spatulas... to lift the edges... G is watching me do all this and says, "honey, grab the oven mitts and pull out the rack"

Me, totally not following where he's going with this, pulls the rack out slightly, and then i pick up the spatulas again... G is like, "um, no - i meant pull it out ALL the way and put it on the stove top."

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh... ok. so i do that... now i can use the spaulas to make sure the pizza isn't sticking anywhere, so i can transfer it onto the cutting board... RIGHT? Wrong.

G watching this whole train wreck in the making then says, "um, you are making this WAY harder for yourself... use the oven mitts to put the pizza on the board"

i'm standing there still not understanding.... and i go to literally try to pick up the thin crust pizza WITH the oven mitts (REALLY SHAY?!) which i then get cut off again.... "shay, what the hell are you doing???"

me, "picking up the pizza with the oven mitts"

G: "are you serious?! OR you can pick up the whole rack with the oven mitts and just slide the pizza onto the cutting board"

me: "oh, you didnt say to do that." #fail

him: "i really didn't think it was necessary... i really didn't expect you to try to pick up the pizza with the mitts."

 and you thought asians were supposed to be like, super smart or something huh? it was definitely an Asian F moment (Glee reference)... it was an honest mistake people... an honest mistake.

anyway, after that, we had a delicious dinner where i proceeded to eat WAY more than G and then he rolled my lard ass to bed.

happy hump day loves! please share your not so bright moments of the week with me so i don't feel so silly anymore!


  1. Oh thank you for making me laugh... So hard...

  2. HAHAHA love everything about this! I can picture the whole event unfolding in my head! And I LOVE the Glee reference...fantastic!

  3. I thank you for posting this. Because I WAS just in a really bad mood from the world's biggest biatch on the phone.

    But your blonde moment just gave me a good laugh.


    u so smart.

  4. totally died over this becuase i can SO relate! cooking is hard! And yes, cooking a frozen pizza completely counts as cooking!