Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I've hit 100K...

Noooo sillies, not followers! Though, i wish! 
my car, Salti (aka Shay's Altima)... to be more exact.

this is not her, just a wanna be...

4 years and 1 month later...
(yup, you heard right, i drive A LOT.)

i took this at a stop light... i swear!

She has been pretty good to me.
No major accidents...
just one teeny tiny little skid on some ice and bounced off a curb.
and possibly a few small bumps while trying to paralell park.

i still have 12 more payments on that bish.
sad i know... i iz poor.
but by the end of the year she will officially be mine
and then it'll be time for a new car!

nissans are known to be pretty good cars, 
so here's to another 100K Salti!


  1. Wow 100K in 4 years! You do drive a lot! Love your car!

  2. remember when you were switching between yours and your brother's car? i'd never know which color altima would show up in the parking lot each day. lol

  3. WOW! You must drive a lot! Sounds like Salti has been good to you over the years though:)

  4. Ahhhh! 100k!!! :( I know how you feel. Mine is close to 107k! :( :( I love Nissans....I kind of feel like I need to start looking for a new car. I drive a lot of miles into work and back. Plus not to mention all the other crap I have to do for work. I think they should start paying for oil changes, or to get it detailed. Hmm...idea! ;)