Friday, January 13, 2012

Fun Photo Friday

Linking up today with Page Twenty-two (love her blog by the way) for

Here's my pick for the week!

this was taken in August of 2003. 
on a cruise with my cousins and family...
Yes almost TEN years ago... 
i was TWENTY-TWO (how appropriate for this link up!)...
and no im not wasted, i just look severely asian.
oh wait, i AM asian. duh.

Look at me... tan, skinny, YOUNG!
i look like such a hot slore... (thats slut/whore in kardashian speak)
and i mean that in the most complimentary way possible.

ready to go out dancing, drinking,
and having the time of my life!

I would definitely go back in time to this age forever.
  • the age where i didn't have to worry about my eggs rotting because according to my mother, my "clock is ticking"
  • the age where my bank account existed solely to fund my trips to the mall - why oh why did they not have f21 back then!
  • the age where i had all this time to figure out who what i wanted to do in life...
  • the age where i had few responsibilities other than figuring out what bar i was dancing on hitting that night...

yup. bring me back there...
well only for a night or two. 
{sadly, i probably couldn't handle much more}

but, we'll always have the memories...

happy friday!


  1. Great post. I wish I could go back to that age too...where I had more time to figure out what I wanted in life and I didn't have a ticking clock. Mine ticks too. Haha. Great post.

  2. Loved your post!!! I often wish I could go back in time where I had little to no responsibility too... But I would like to know what I know now... :)


  3. HAHA this made me LOL 3 different times! Great had a great tan in 2003:) Thanks for linking up, Shay!!

  4. i totally agree on wanting to go back there but not being able to handle it.

    you look the same (in a good way)...still tan, skinny, and young.

    and that butterfly top your friend as on beside you...i totally had one too. i thought i was the shit when i would wear that to the "club"

  5. So i need to come visit, and then you can be 22 again with me! Get our asian blush going. Get our dance on! :)

  6. what a blast from the past :)

    cute blog!

  7. so much fun to look back somtimes...."severely asian" had my dying! :)