Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just One of Dem Days...

Sooooo, i was totally supposed to post this last Friday - and instead ended up working late and totally forgetting... so since i already wrote this AND since i probably won't be able to write anything today, i'll leave you with this.

Dear BlogWorld, its been quite some time since i've confessed - so here goes!

I confess....

... I'm in major withdrawal from everyone being banned from using the internet for "personal use" at work... This means I can't sit on Google Reader, email, Facebook and Pinterest all day long. Don't get me wrong, I do my work too, I am a GREAT multi-tasker, but I need those like a fish needs water. Thank god for my iPhone so I can still maintain some connection to the outside world. My sources in IT tell me this isn't going to be permanent, thank God so bear with me...

... I have mixed emotions about hubby starting a new job... I'm so happy he's happy and excited about furthering his career... And very happy about the pretty decent salary jump. But sooo sad about the days/hours he'll be working because that means a LOT less time together. Gotta find a new hobby I guess!

...I would love for any guy to walk in a woman's shoes for just one day. That day being the worst day of the month... Aunt Flo arrived with a vengeance this morning and I was doubled over in pain from that b*tch. Guys are the biggest babies when they have the sniffles. If they bled from their privates for 5 days, could you imagine how they'd be? Someone just kick me right in the babymaker and put me out of this misery. Please.

... That my nails, hair, house and office are pretty disasterous looking lately. I keep meaning to fix up all of these things, but I'm just too lazy. Once hubby starts the new job, I won't have any excuses I guess!

... I haven't exercised in 2 weeks. At all. And I keep telling myself its ok because I haven't gained weight since, and because my "fat" jeans still fit. But, really, its not ok. And neither is the Sonic I stuffed my fat face with yesterday for lunch. Tho, it was delish... #truthhurts

....I bought a new winter jacket last week after I had just put myself on a "spending on unneeded things" hiatus. Oh and a pair of yoga pants too. Oops. I can justify only by saying the coat was on sale for $20. Even though I have 3 other black coats at home. #guiltyconscience

...I'm so super psyched for One for the Money to come out this weekend. I plan on dragging Ma Dukes to see it with me! And this is horrible to say, but I really hope Dad doesn't want to go too. Because he's the guy that talks through the whole movie and has people telling him to shut it (oh wait, that was me the last time!) LOL

Side Note: One for the Money was EXCELLENT! will be doing a movie review shortly! and dad went to see a different movie... hehehehe...

What are your confessions for the week? Inquiring minds want to know!


  1. depressed down the streetJanuary 31, 2012 at 10:43 AM

    I confess... that I'm only avoiding streaming radio, facebook, twitter, pinterest, and youtube. I at least need my feedly (blogs) and "my medifast" - I'd commit otherwise.

    And I also must confess that I'm finding it hardest to stay off of pinterest. *pathetic*

  2. Booo for work! I have heard at my work that they are 'monitoring' peoples time on Facebook/Twitter, so I try to stay off (minus the fact that I'm going to be crazy by Feb 13th).

    I want to know what this new job G has! Yay for salary jumps...that needs to happen at mine soon.

    Amen! I like to call it shark week. ;) I think that men should at least get kicked in their stuff once a month.

    I know the spending hiatus. I tried. I failed. I found two cute dresses and a shirt...at least it was F21 and they are cheap...right?

    I hadn't been to the gym in 2 weeks...that I blamed on my new tattoo. I finally went tonight...feels good.

    Aaaaand movie review on One for the Money!!! I just started the book....

    :) Love, lil sis!


  3. HAHA I <3 Sonic!! What's better than tots fresh out of the oven? Answer - nothing!! I also have a messy house right now...no need to worry:)