Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blogging Questions, help me please!

So as i delve deeper into the world of blogging, i have a few questions for any of my more experienced readers.

First, what's the easiest way to get photos into your blogs? Namely, from the iPhone. I find this process to be so tedious, and i feel like there's gotta be a better way. My process involves either a) emailing the photo to myself and then downloading it from my email to my desktop or b) uploading the photo to mobileme and then downloading to my desktop.

Second, do you guys use any kind of online storage for your photos? Flickr, Photobucket and then upload from there? What have you found to be the easiest? I find that most of my photos from my digital camera are either on my home laptop hard drive... or they're on facebook. But from facebook, i then find myself dl'ing them to my desktop. is there a way to link them?

Third, when you post photos from another site, like a google search, do you just copy the image location? Do you always link where you got that photo? I just don't want to step on anyone's toes with unintentionally "stealing" their images.

Anyway, if anyone out there can help a newbie blogger out, that would be awesome!

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