Friday, March 25, 2011

A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Friday is finally here, seems like this week was a slow one, but i'm pretty sure i say that every week.

Not much planned for the weekend, just going to run a few errands tomorrow. On the hunt for a new dog food for the pups (picky little bastards they are). Currently they are not eating Wellness Chicken & Sweet Potato... which Scooter seems to like (and then not like) and Rio will only eat if i feed him by hand (Yes, SPOILED LITTLE DOG!) They used to eat the Cesar Cuisine, but my dog trainer told me i should switch to something a little more nutritious and healthy. And me, being the good doggie mom of course wants my boys to eat the best, so i switched to the Wellness. They also eat Royal Canin Yorky dry food, but they are equally as picky about that. UGH. So, the hunt will be on for something wholesome yet TASTY for their little palettes.

Other than that, the BF wants to run up to the Jersey Shore Outlets (yes they are really called that, no they are not named after the show LOL) and get some new work boots and pants. Which will mean, that i will have to do everything in my power to NOT shop. I'll update you on how that goes on Monday. Though i was there a couple months ago and nothing really caught my eye. I just feel like right now we're so in-between seasons, that i don't even know what to shop for. Do i buy spring stuff when today i had on a scarf and gloves because its only in the 30's when i leave my house? Do i buy more long sleeves since i sit in my office with my heater on everyday? So that's why i'm thinking i'm just better off NOT shopping at all, and save myself some grief (and some cashola too)!

And its been a sad sad week, since i realized not only has Elizabeth Taylor gone up to heaven, but so has my flat iron. Yes, i know its shocking that i have a flat iron, being i'm asian. But my hair seems to have this weird wave that likes to make its way thru it. When i got my Brazilian Blowout, it subsided, but since the blowout is pretty much gone, the wave is on its way back. So out comes the flat iron. Only for me to realize, its not really heating up, and i have to run it over the same strand of hair several times. So i went onto to check out new ones and HOLY STICKER SHOCK batman! i didn't realize they were so pricey! So any recommendations would be MUCH appreciated! I'm thinking a CHI, but would be open to other brands.

Hope you all have a good weekend!

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