Monday, March 28, 2011

Low Key Weekend

Well this weekend was somewhat uneventful/low key, but def still good... started out the weekend Friday night at Oyako Tso's for dinner (no meat Fridays!) I got all sushi (which was delish) and the BF got THIS as an appetizer... it looked kind of scary, i didn't even want to taste it. he said it was good though he wouldn't get it again! LOL!

Saturday, we were up bright and early, hit the gym (yes, im trying to be good and stay motivated) and then off to the Jersey Shore Outlets for work clothes for the boy. He killed it and got a ton of shirts and jeans and work boots. Looked like such a cutie when he left for work on Sunday! (Ugh, i know, i gotta get better with this whole picture thing...) Saturday night we went to my parents for dinner since the little bro was home. Here's a pic of me and him from his bday last year.

So we hung there for a while, and then bounced back to his house for the night. i think i passed out by like 10:30... yup, i'm 32 going on 83, who knew... but in all fairness we were up at like 6:30.

sunday was another early morning... the BF left for work, and i hit group kick at the gym. it was SOOOO crowded! i guess people like to start their sunday mornings punching and kicking! the instructors were really good and got everyone going, the workout totally kicked my butt! the rest of the day sunday, i was home and cleaning and doing laundry. since i pretty much split my time living with my bf, i was in dire need of a laundry day. later in the afternoon i headed out to the grocery store, then back to the bf's to make dinner.

i made this - stuffed pepper soup... soooo yummy! and this - Chili- Spiced Turkey- Bean Burgers With Guacamole

however, i changed it up and used these for the buns! in an effort to save some calories and unneeded carbs...

overall it was a good weekend, what did you do?

PS. not sure if i even have any readers? but if i do, am i doing ok with this whole blogging thing? ;)

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