Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fell in love ... with a song...

And yes, this happens to me. often.

i never considered myself to really be passionate about music. but, looking over my itunes library that has over 5,000 songs in it, i guess i sort of am.

sometimes i hear a song, and it just enchants me... brings me to another world, makes me feel, and i just get lost in the lyrics, lost in the rifs and the tune. i'm not a musical expert by far but when i fall in love with a song, its almost an obsession.

and tonights obsession hit home tonight in cardio kickboxing. it wasn't a crazy go get 'em kind of song, rather, it was the cool down song. this was actually the third time i heard this song, since i've taken this class a few times now and the more i hear it, the more i love it. especially since i also love the tai chi moves we do to it.


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