Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Last Night I Had a Date With "Gym"...

Last night was my first night in the gym since... gosh, i can't even REMEMBER when. a few weeks? life has just been so busy that after work i am constantly running around, to appointments, dog training sessions, doctors, dentists... OK, maybe i'm exaggerating JUST a bit. but it has been busy. and dating an italian that LOVES food just as much as i do is NOT boding well for my mid-section. luckily its still winter (9 more days!) and i can hide my buddha belly.

I hit the treadmill for a whole HOUR and was so proud of myself. cranked the incline up to 4.0, though i walked the whole time, baby steps people, it was my first day back... LOL! i put some Law & Order on the TV and walked away... not too bad - i managed to still burn 387 calories.

Tonight, i'm off to dinner with friends and then have things planned the rest of the week after work, so my next date with "gym" will have to wait til Saturday. My only hope is that next week will be a little lighter and i can resume my workout schedule, at least a LITTLE bit! Summer is only a few short months away and i can't bury the Victoria's Secret swimsuit catalog at the bottom of the magazine pile forever!

Happy Hump Day! Stay dry!

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