Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Recap

A dreary Monday morning to start the week off... heard there's more rain on the way, boo (though i do LOVE wearing my burberry rainboots that the BF got me for Christmas).

The past weekend was pretty busy - starting with a baby shower Friday night for a co-worker/friend. It was complete with the "Babe-o-lympics" with a logo designed by yours truly!

The games were all SO adorable and fun - and even a little bit gross (blindfolded baby food tasting was one i could have done without!) Overall, my team came in 3rd place, taking home the Bronze Medal aka "You really cleaned up at this shower" yummy pear smelling body wash! Thanks Court and Jen for doing such a great job organizing the night's events!

They also surprised the mom-to-be with... candy sushi! What a cute idea since Wendy loves sweets AND sushi but is banned from sushi til May!

Saturday the BF and i headed to the Manasquan Reservoir to hike the 5 mile perimeter, and boy was it a workout! he wasn't quite prepared for the hike and i didn't realize how out of shape i am! Gotta get back to the gym again this week to build back up... immediately afterwards we rewarded ourselves with Sonic! LOL! Yup, 2 fat kids walk 5 miles only to stuff our faces with burgers and chilli cheese tots.

Saturday night, we headed into Staten Island so i could meet his mom for the first time! She was an absolute sweetheart and we went to dinner at a nice italian restaurant - then after headed out to meet some of his friends for a drink.

Sunday was a lay low kind of day, met my parents at the dog park to let the kids run around a bit... the weather was nice, but a little too windy for my liking. (I know, i need to be a better blogger and take more photos, im working on it! LOL!)

How were your weekends?

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