Friday, August 17, 2012

Confessional Friday

G'day Mates!
I don't know about you kids, but I'm UBER psyched it's Friday!
The fact that I had a cute Aussie barista (baristo-o?) giving me my favorite berry hibiscus refresher this morning may have contributed to my excitement regarding the end of the week. Ladies, he was taken (saw a wedding ring on his finger), but had an accent to.die.for.

OK, getting back to reality...
Linking up today with Leslie over at A Blond Ambition for

I confess.... that I have a shit ton of work to do today (since we get out early) and instead, i'm sitting here on le blog.

I confess... that i'm running walking driving my butt right over to Ann Taylor LOFT after work to buy this sweater.

I confess... 90% of my co-workers annoy the shit out of me on a daily basis. Is this normal or do I just need a vacation?

I confess... with that said, lately my husband has been annoying as well. Though, that's not to say I don't annoy him right back!

I confess... I spent $14 on FRO YO last night. That is just ridiculous. It tasted amazeballs though, so i have no regrets. I keep telling myself that its healthier than regular ice cream. Right?

I confess... that I really want to get back into running, but i'm just really really really really really really LAZY. Sitting on the couch watching Big Ang is just SO much more entertaining. Any tips on motivating me?

I confess... that I'm tooting my own horn in the BEST wife/sister department. My brother and Gary have a football game tomorrow night. And guess who isn't actually going to the game, but going to be the DD... dropping them off and picking their wastey pants arses up. I deserve a cookie medal, new handbag! Something, right??? Especially having to deal with those two drunk idiots.

And lastly, I confess... that i'm loving seeing this little blog grow. I love all your comments and appreciate you all! With that said, I'm thinking of a fun little giveaway as a way to celebrate the big 5-0. Nothing big... I'll think up some ideas this weekend.

OK back to work! Have a great weekend, enjoy every second of it!


  1. Haha...just watched Big Ang last night for the first time...The dog show was so funny lol Happy Friday!

  2. You crack me up! I look forward to reading your blog everyday... Big Ang is so addicting and what a good wifey/sis you are! Have a good weekend :)

  3. You def are the best wife/sister! Thats awfully nice of you :)
    Most of my coworkers annoyed the crap out of me at my old job. So I dont think you're that abnormal :)
    I love Loft!!