Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's A-O-freaking K...

Good Morning Peepers!
I started thinking about what i'd be posting today last night so here goes!

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It's A-O-freaking K...

... that i've had an uncrustables for breakfast everyday this week. Pre-made PB&J - what more can you ask for? thank you smuckers for saving me some precious time in the mornings and making such a delightful delicious sandwich.

... that i have to fall asleep with a pillow over my head every.damn.night. the tv in our bedroom is quite large and bright and loud. But these are the things you compromise over when you're married. He puts the toilet seat down, i sleep with the pillow on my head. Having my ass never have to touch toilet water, i think this is a fair trade.

... that i work on informational material pertaining to some really nasty, TMI medical issues. let's just say i have to call my printer today to let them know i'm sending them a poster with some very interesting deformed male anatomy on it. then again, this is what pays the bills people... so crooked weiners it is! #wishiwasjoking

PS. PSA - if your junk is going to be in photos, please do us all a favor and manscape.

... that i have been ignoring the weird noises my car is starting to make. ok, this is REALLY not ok. but i legit just dropped 170 bones on car maintenance last month and i refuse to do it again so soon. is this a good idea? probably not... but for now, what noise? i don't hear a noise... 

... with that said, i'm ordering a DIY cabin air filter. Nissan wants $100 to install this. my plan is a $15 filter, DIY, YouTube videos, and putting the husband to work! "this will be easy" #famouslastwords

... that i almost "poked my eye out" the other morning after my eye connected with a shelf (i swear that shelf came out of NOWHERE) when i was bending over to get my shoes. not only did i almost knock myself unconscious inside my walk-in closet, but my eye swelled and was teeny tiny for the rest of the day making it even more slanty than usual. #asiangirlproblems

Anyway, that's all i got for today.
Uno mas dia til the weekend!


  1. I laughed a LOT while reading this. I adore you :) That is all :)

  2. Wow you're nice to let your husband watch TV while you try to sleep. I would say no way in hell- go watch TV somewhere else! But yah... I guess there are lots of sacrifices we end up making when we're married that we never thought we'd have to make. Just found your blog and have loved getting to know you. I'm excited to follow along!

    new follower :)