Friday, August 10, 2012

Just call me Tiger.

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Dear Mother Nature,
I don't mind you sending us thunder storms, honest. However, i'm supposed to play golf today for the first time in forever. Rain + Golf =  Soggy Asian getting MORE soaked because she's off hunting in the woods for her damn ball. No bueno. Please send some sun our way at say, 3pm. You can send it to Somerset, NJ.
Your wanna-be Tiger Woods-skilled-but-in-a-golf-only-related-way friend,
Tiger Jr. -- shay

Dear 4:30am,
i hate you. whoever has to wake up at this ungodly hour, i don't know how you do it. i have been waking up all week to drop G off at the bus stop and it is not fun. thank god i will not have to see you again until monday. til then, you can go suck it.
 your sleep deprieved friend,

Dear Hubby,
well you heard those 2 words yesterday. You're Right. Savor them. Enjoy them, as they will rarely come out of my mouth. But i do concede that the full fat, normal polish kielbasa does taste 110x better than the low-fat, imitation turkey kielbasa i've been buying and trying to pass off to you. Also, it was wonderful having you make dinner last night. Can we get some more of that around here? Pretty please with a cherry on top?
Your grateful (and getting fat) wife,
shay aka boo boo bear

Dear Pandora,
do you love me as much as i love you lately? thank you for helping me change up my music moods daily. and for letting me skip the songs i hate. and ignore G when he tells me that because i was listening to the Four Seasons, that i have the the musical taste of a 50 year old. He's closer to 50 than I am, so he should like my Jersey Boys channel.
your off-key but not caring listener,

Dear Followers,
you make my heart happy. when i first started this blog, it was purely for myself to vent my frustrations and to record my happy memories. But little bloggy is slowly growing. Thanks for reading and following along. And i hope to someday meet some of your pretty faces in person!
your happy writer,


  1. I will be here, hoping for sunshine for you this afternoon! It was gloomy and gross here this morning and now it's sunshiney, so hopefully you get some of that too!
    Yay for the men making some yummy food! Good hubby haha
    We've said it a ton, esp this week, but we'll meet sometime soon I hope. You're too cool of a chica not to!

  2. Hope the rain holds off for you for golf! I don't want you getting soggy!! I think men should cook dinner at LEAST 1x per week....let's relay the message!

  3. Seems lilke when you need the rain most it doesn't come but it comes in buckets at the most inconvenient time. Works for me that way all the time :) If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest posts!

  4. haha your letters to the rain and your husband cracked me up woman! hope you got some soggy-free golf in! :)