Monday, August 20, 2012

the one where i blogged at night.

Here we go with trying to blog at night.
I almost always blog during the day, but i find myself sitting here tonight with nothing to do, so why not.

Weekend recap:
Friday - worked longer than i should have or wanted to. hit up HH at a co-workers newly finished patio/pool. drank some yummy sangria. ate her to die for homemade hummus. and got bitten by mosquitos. 37 of them to be exact. i kid you not. please god don't let me get west nile. i feel like i'm 6 years old again with the chicken pox. my boss even asked me if i was feeling ok, because i had "splotches on my neck". bug bites. not hickies. get your minds out of the gutter. :P
Saturday - disappointed in my breakfast at the diner. shoulda got the eggs benedict. then grocery shopping. then played DD to my brother and husband. went to pick up drunk and drunker and part of the turnpike was closed. ummmm. hello.... state of NJ. you can't just CLOSE the mother - bleeping turnpike! i ended up in hoboken before i could turn around. there was mucho cussing as you can imagine. so happy early birthday bro. from your taxi cab sister.
Sunday - dr appt (at the butt crack of dawn - don't even ask). then BBQ at a friends house. overcast skies led to no swimming. thank god cuz i'm a fatty. her baby was cute but crankypants. ate some burgers. drank some beer. had some great conversation. glad to have a new friend in the area to hang out with.

oh yeah, and i forgot the most important part from Friday... the Loft sweater that i tried to stalk and blogged about last week is NOWHERE to be found! they didn't even know what sweater i was talking about when i went in and described it. i know, you're sad too. i can't even find the original blog i pulled it off of. and i scoured the Loft website for at least an hour searching for it, and its gone. Like totally david blained itself into thin air. fail. fail. fail. i guess that sweater and i were not meant to live in perfect harmony with one another.

and obviously this is why i don't blog at night. because i say stupid shit like "live in perfect harmony with one another". who says that???

oh, and i have no pics in this post. a) because i didn't take any pics over the weekend. and b) because i'm too lazy to try to do anything remotely creative and insert pictures right now. deal with it. it's almost 11pm, i'm starting to fizzle.

and last but not least, i haven't forgotten about the giveaway i wanted to do. i promise i'll get my act together this week and put something fun together. (yeah just like i've been promising to fold the clothes that have been sitting in the dryer for a week now and promising to paint my nails from 3 weeks ago). but i will try to get around to it. because i heart you guys.

that is all.

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