Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Two Posts in ONE Day?!

I'm getting all cray cray with ya's today!
I NEVER get in two posts, but i had a lot of fun with this link up last week, so i'm doin in and doin it and doin it AGAIN!
yes. major cheeseball. 
i have no excuses like lack of sleep. i slept for a whopping 12 hours last night, 
due to the arrival of AF and her crampy overtures.
(the food coma from dinner at the olive garden may also have contributed).

But, i digress.

Link up here

Currently turning me on

Hair Product
buy it here

Can I tell you how much i heart this stuff? all you need is a little pump, distribute thru either damp or dry hair for a pretty shiny finish. Tames my fly-aways and smells HEAVENLY.
this stuff is legit ladies. It even doubles as a body oil.
Cant beat that with a bat!

Lip Balm

This is an oldie but goodie.
I put on my SoftLips everyday when i finish doing my make up.
I either leave it on alone or layer it under a gloss.
I love the smell, but most of all the consistency is awesome.
it just effortlessly glides on, not too oily, not too dry.

Nail Polish
Lately, there is nothing more that i love than Zoya nail polish.
Granted, i haven't painted my nails in a few weeks (#lazybum)
but, i definitely want to get my hands on these cool new colors.

What's turning you on today?


  1. never heard of any of these products but since i LOVE new beauty supplies..i might just have to splurge on one or all three of them!

  2. Love me some softlips!!! It's the only chapstick I use. Those are fun nail colors too.

  3. I'm so trying the Kendra. Thanks for linking up, Shay. I'll be sending your card this week. ;)

  4. So trying the Kenra, great tip! Thanks for linking up. Hope you join next week. I'll be mailing your card this week.

  5. i love soft lips!! and they have such a great varieties of chapstick

  6. I just heart your blog! I'm hosting 2 giveaways that I thought you would be interested in (Brushlove & Blue Sky) :)

    P.S. I'm a new GFC follower!