Thursday, August 23, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Well its now 9pm on THURSDAY, and i haven't had a minute to myself since Monday!
Work is driving me bananas (b-an-an-as)! 
But the weekend is almost here, so just gotta get thru one more day.

With that said, it's time for a little It's OK Thursdays, 
you know my favorite link up because it gives me the opportunity to 
put my complaints in to the complaint dept (you guys) for the week. 

Here we go!

It's OK...

to not have time for blogging, twitter, instagram or pinterest (gasp!) this week. but to still check facebook religiously.
getting high off fb.

to not have any clue what to get my brother for his birthday (TOMORROW! EEK!) - 
so far i got him a Giants T-shirt, but what else... maybe cologne?
hit me up if you have any ideas for me.

to have spent over $500 on car maintenance, more specifically new tires. sometimes you need to invest the big bucks to ensure safety.

to love getting free make up from my cousin!
this is the Too Faced "natural at night"
one word: GORGEOUS 

to sometimes miss being single, living alone and doing my own thing.

to miss the days when work was fun!
this was us 3 years ago at Happy Hour on the Beach
The big dawgs let us out early and we hopped on over 
to Tiki Bar at the Jersey Shore.
Those were the days...

to have had diseased male anatomy parts 
printed out enlarged
ya know what, i'm not even going to go there.
it legit IS for work purposes. 
but its just SO not ok
i can't even pretend for humor's sake.
{insert giggles like a 10 year old}

to sometimes love this face more than my husbands
to really really really love this face.
hi blog peeps!

to have taken forever to get my giveaway ready for the blog
but its ready and i'll be posting it tomorrow!
Trust me, you'll want to come back and checka-check it out.

What's ok with you this week?
Link up HERE or HERE and tell us!


  1. Hey girl!

    Where in NJ are you from?

    Love that Too Faced pallet! Gorgeous is right!

    Cute blog! New follower!

  2. Ugh. Brothers and Birthdays are hard. My bro and I have a mutual agreement that a 'Happy Birthday' is sufficient, basically because we don't know what to get each other!!! LOL

    I'm SO jealous that your cousin gives you all the Too Faced stuff! Seriously, who doesn't like free make up???

    Enlarged pictures? Do I need to be worried? What is going on? Wait, where do you work again? Is this going on a website? [bahahahahahahahaha!!!]

    Can I borrow your adorable puppy so I can carry him around in my purse? Please? He's just so tiny and cute that I have the sudden urge to do that.

    P.S. Giveaway!?!? I should do that for my blog. [keyword: should]


  3. girl i feel you. i have been SO slammed with work - not a moment for blogs until now!!

    hope you had a relaxing weekend with some time just to do what you want!