Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Birthday Morning - Vacation Pt 2

Hi Girls,

I'm finally back with part 2 of the vacation. i PROMISE i'll hurry up and finish this, as its getting farther and farther away from when we actually went on vacation. I'm already ready for my next trip! LOL just kidding... i've just been so darn busy pinning, er working to have time to get to this.

Anywho, the morning of my birthday started out with breakfast and the pool. and then an 11am appointment for parasailing! Neither G nor I had ever been so this turned out to be a great experience for the both of us... i was so nervous because i wasn't sure what to expect. But it was a gorgeous day, it wasn't scary at all and we ended up having a blast!
Oh boy, what did i sign up for?!

Here weeeee gooooooo!

See ya soon!


and higher....

Wow, we are HIGH!

Don't ya love the smiley face parachute?

Overall, we had a fantastic time and they got so many great pictures of us up in the air... it was so peaceful up there and the view was amazing...

I did have a very funny convo with ma dukes once we were finished, as she was trying to call me to wish me a happy day... it went something like this:

Me: hey ma, guess what, we just went PARASAILING! it was sooooo fun!
Ma Dukes: WHAT?! Parasailing?! You mean, you jumped off a cliff??
Me: whaaaaa.... no... what are you talking about a cliff?
Ma Dukes: Like you jumped off the edge of a cliff and flew in that metal contraption
Me: No ma, that would be HANG GLIDING. we did NOT go hang gliding.

LOL... sometimes ya just gotta laugh...

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  1. of all the 27 years (yes, i've been going to myrtle since i was one) i've never parasailed but always wanted to. one year me and my friends did take a ride on a banana boat...that was pretty fun! but parasailing is on my to-do list.