Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just call me a traveling gypsy...

So here's a short recap of my geographical life... i was born in Seoul, South Korea and came to the US when i was a wee 4 months old (adopted, hence im a twinkie - white on the inside, yellow on the outside). Lived in South Orange, NJ (near Newark) til i was 5 and then we moved to a little snobby town in Central Jersey called Manalapan (the rentals still live there).

I pretty much lived at home til the age of 24 when i moved to North Jersey for what i thought was love... and "better career opportunities"... I lived in Hackensack in my very own big girl adult apartment for a year and when my lease was up, moved to my boyfriend's parents house (don't. ask. They had a 6 bedroom house and he was the only one living at home.) So i had my own room, bathroom, the works. However, after 6 months of living there I was offered my old job back (thank you Jesus, you saved me from the devil of a mother-in-law), you know the one i had originally left to "further my career"... So, i made a deal with the devil (boss devil, not to be confused with former MIL devil), and we moved to Roselle Park, NJ. The boyfriend at the time worked in northern NJ and i was down in central/western NJ so we had equal commute times. We stayed there for a year and then the fiance (yup that happened) bought the upstairs condo to where we were living. Correction, his SISTER bought that shit and i didn't see a dime when those a-holes sold it, yet i paid the ENTIRE mortgage the ENTIRE time we lived there. Yes, i'm still bitter. deal with it. :P   Anyway, so i packed up all my shit and moved exactly one flight UP (you think this is easy but still a pretty big pain in the butkis).

this is how long the flight of stairs seemed!

After nearly 2 years of living "upstairs" and with my now husband's grand plans of me "us" buying a house closer to his failing business, him and his sister we decided to sell the condo and shack up with my parents for a few months til the house buying was complete and my 401K was empty.

You know what happens next right? None of these grand plans work out and i find myself divorced, 30, and living with my parents (god, which is the worst of all these??? its really a toss up! kidding mom & dad!) Yup, i'd say this was probably not a high point in my life, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger supplemented by some good friends named Jack, Johnny and Jose... RIGHT??? So i picked up the pieces, paid for the divorce lawyer to have a pool put in and buy a mercedes, and got myself my very own outrageously overpriced but dog friendly apartment. I stayed there for 2 years til i came to my senses and decided that pissing all my hard earned money away for a 2 bedroom apartment where the second bedroom was essentially a storage room was seriously crazy.

My apartment complex... really nice, really pricey!

I decided room mates were the best way i could improve my financial situation and put me in a position where i could finally pay off the $60,000+ wedding the ex-husband demanded we have all for NOTHING because he cared more about impressing his friends and family than making our marriage actually work. Which brings me to where i am today. With a lease that's up in 90 days and a finally wonderful boyfriend that wants nothing more for me to move in with him. I mean, let's face it people. i basically live with him 5 of the 7 days a week now... so moving in is the logical choice (which will be followed by eloping in vegas marriage and looking like a fat cow for 9 months babies).

However, that means that i actually have to move.


for the 8th time. in SEVEN years.

Le sigh.

Hence, i am a gypsy. And probably on some sort of government list for moving so many times that they think i'm some sort of terrorist or something. sweet.  So tell me, do you move as often as me? Do you find yourself to be a pack rat or a man/woman of few possessions? Do you enjoy living in different places? For me personally, i'm hoping after this move, i only have 2 more moves left in life. The next will be to a permanent home where i can raise a family and after that... the grave. hahahahaha. surprised you with that one huh?


  1. 1. New follower. 2. You're a twinkie? Me too! :) Even from Seoul as well. 3. Sorry about everything you have been through. But remember: Being fabulous is the best revenge. 4. If you want to get a kick out of gypsys (or gypsies? not sure) watch an episode of "My big fat gypsy wedding" on TLC. Hilarious and crazy!

    As far as moving, in the last 6 years I've moved 8 times I think. In a way, I think it is good because it makes me clean out my stuff and get rid of those things that everyone says "I'll totally use this again some day" crap.

    Good luck with the move!

  2. Loved this post =) I've officially moved 7 times in the past 4 years! And moving again in twenty days! Oh, Army Wife life!