Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Meet and Greet!

    Hi, my name is Shay (hi shay) and i'm a blogger... i tried to start a few blogs here and there over the years but fully committed to writing this past year (new years resolution). i pretty much just started it for myself as a creative outlet, to help me to remember things i wanted to accomplish, fashion trends i liked and recipes i wanted to try out. Since then, its turned into much more than i ever thought it would be and i love all the new bloggy friends i am making along the way!

    I named my blog Sweet Silver Linings after a song by Kate Voegle...
    The words of the song really reflected how i felt my life was at the time and even though life isn't always a smooth ride, i like to think that my overall outlook is optimistic and i can always find the silver lining to every cloud that passes my way.

    Here's a link to my FIRST ever post... in the beginning, it was kind of weird since i wasn't sure of who (if anyone was even reading my blog). I had sent my blog link to a select few people (no family) and decided that I would just write for me...

    Some of my favorite posts have been about my pups, who are a huge part of my life. I got Scooter 6 years ago, when i was engaged and starting a new chapter in my life. We got Rio a year later as a buddy so Scooter wouldn't be lonely. Then life takes us in directions that are unexpected and after a lot of heartache, i found myself once again single - divorced this time and starting over. Throughout all of life's ups and downs, these guys have been there for me... with their understanding eyes, their playful smiles - never judging me, always loving me. The loyalty of a pet is like nothing else, and I love that CMae created these link ups to bring us animal lovers together. Here are a few of my Tail Wagging Tuesday posts:

     Blogging has enabled me to get to know myself better as well. Through life we can only grow from our experiences and I believe that the better we know ourselves, the better our chances in truly finding happiness become. So, my road to self-discovery has led me to posts like
    Blogging has allowed me to chronicle my life diary style... recaps of weekends, dreams, how i felt in specific situations... I used to keep journals when i was younger and i'm glad i'm able to use this as an online "jounral" in a way so i have these memories and feelings on record. Not all my recaps have been sunshine and rainbows, but they are all me, and how i feel and what i think... and i love that i can express myself in this way.

    So that's pretty much it. Hope you come check out my blog! I have so many of yours plugged into my Google Reader and i love commenting on your successes, giving advice and absolutely love all the beauty and fashion tips that i get!

    Thanks Michelle for thinking up this great link up!


        1. So glad you linked up with Michelle and did this!!!!!! It is always really neat to see how different bloggers started. I went through another blog before too before I quit it and started this one :)

        2. YAY! Love that you linked up with Michelle - very interesting to see why people started blogging and what they love most about it! I'm right there with you, blogging is seriously the best because I get to meet amaze people like you! ANDDDDD, I too had a blog once a while ago back, but I literally did like 3 posts then deleted it. It was awful! I had no direction. haha!

        3. Aww love Megan's and Lindsay's comments! THANK YOU so much for linking up! I love blogging and it's so nice to learn why people love it too. I love meeting people! I love learning more about you and I'm so happy to follow your blog and get to know you more! XOXO