Monday, June 6, 2011

The Weekend in Review.

I'm in a list making mood. Prob has something to do with my packing list for my trip later this week, but here's how the weekend went.

1. Dinner at the rents - nothing beats a home cooked meal + my brother was home to visit so always nice seein' his cute mug.

2. Hangover 2 - definitely not as good as the first (because are they ever?) but definitely had some laughable parts... loved that little darn monkey.

2a. Sat behind some guy with the largest head i've ever seen. was trying for a photo, but it would have attracted too much attention.

2c. Didn't realize Jamie Chung (from the Real World) was in this movie. She looked gorgeous...

1. Took the rollerblades out for a spin. I was a menace on the roads. I apologize to the golfers on the course who i whizzed by (possibly screaming) and ruining their shot.
Clearly this is not me. i only WISH i looked this cool, instead of the unsteady, out of control mess that i was. i also for some DUMB reason refused to wear my safety gear. i rethought that unwise decision when i almost got hit by a car. in my defense, she was TEXTING AND DRIVING!

2. Hit the mall with G and picked up a floppy sun hat! It was exactly what i'm looking for and only $24! (looked for an online pic and can't find one, you'll see it soon enough in vacation pics!)

3. Dinner at China Grill in Manhattan. Drinking, eating and more eating.

4. The Script + Central Park = Amazing.

Took just a small video for C since she wasn't able to come with me.

1. Slept til NOON. Wasn't feeling too hot. So i scumbagged it, stayed in pj's all day and didn't shower.

2. Law & Order SVU Marathon = me in heaven. I may or may not have watched approximately 6 hours of it.

Sorry for the lack of more personal pics... but this week is vacay and you can definitely expect tons of photos when i return! (i'll be here til thursday though). Anyone wanna guest post? Do i even have enough followers to have a guest blogger? Let me know your thoughts!


  1. Looks like a great weekend! I have been wanting to rollerblade again lately! It's been years!

  2. Looks like a fabulous weekend! I seriously need to get my rollarblades out! Loving your blog! I am your newest follower.


  3. i definitely agree that the Hangover 2 is not as great as the first...but definitely had some funny parts! ill totally guest post for you if you tell me what to write about ;-) probably can't do it until saturday though :( might be too late huh?

    :-) have a great day girl!