Thursday, June 2, 2011

Weird iPhone Photo Memories

Idea via Oh Hello Friend... and then taken and twisted...

Thought it would be fun to put up some (more) iphone pics that i've taken.
Do y'all store all your photos in your phone? I can't seem to part with my 8 million photos of my dogs precious pics...

let me tell you peeps, i have some SERIOUSLY weirdo photos.

i like dog butts and i cannot lie... just kidding, but really? dog butt. one that only his mother could possibly think is cute enough to photograph. what i was planning on doing with this one of a kind photo, we will never know. re-purposed to share with you all. exciting.....

kissing hot "dog" salt & pepper shakers. i think i was contemplating stealing these at the time. but i swear, i didn't. i like the hot dog place too much to ever be possibly banned from there. but seriously, who wouldn't want these...

oh, here's a good one. this is my AC vent in my office at work. do you like my handi work? that my friends is a shit load of packaging/duct tape and stuffed inside is about 20 feet of bubble wrap. When you want something done right, sometimes ya just gotta do it yourself, i always say. My HVAC mechanic boyfriend disagrees with my methods of blocking off the vent (or the air thingy as i like to call it) but i tell you, its darn effective. well, that and my work snuggie. no lie. its on the back of my chair. fa-shion-a-ble.

This was a photo i snapped while driving home one day. Pulled up right next to this "cleaning truck". Yeaaaahhhh, suuuuuure. naturally i had to send this to everyone in my phone book and ask what they serviced. #guttermind

Can i tell you, Asians are just so SMART (and i'm not just saying that because i am fake asian). 3 words for ya, SUSHI. CONVEYOR. BELT. i mean, you sit and just watch the delicious sushi encircle you, what could be better for a fat kid like me... if you ever happen to find yourself in Tysons Corner, Virginia, you're gonna wanna stop here.

This guy was channeling his inner Alan, "its not a purse, its a satchel"... seen getting on a flight to Miami.

This is my car dashboard. And that little light that looks like a butt. I now know that means "Low Tire Pressure" which means you should PROBABLY pull over because shits going down with your wheels. Good thing i pulled over, pulled out the MANUAL for my car and looked that up on the side of the road one morning on my way into work.

Who doesn't love St Patty's Day socks with little mugs of beer on them! Apparently i do, so much that i felt the need to photograph them.

I took this one to send to my friend to help me make sure there were no other moves i could make. Looking at it now its funny that the remaining letters spell "u coc" once again #guttermind

Anyway, i hope you enjoyed the weird things i get some sick pleasure out of photographing. i do have lots of more normal photos but i figured that after 5 pics of the dogs and 12 pics of my nails in every shade imaginable, this would be much more fun! Do you have any wacky photos in your phone?

One more day til the weekend, let's hang in there!


  1. you should definitely do the list too :-) hope u have a greattttt friday!

    and im in love with those salt and pepper shakers!

  2. Yes, I always see the STRANGEST things ever, so I have a ton of weird shiz. Normally I post to fb and all my friends are like WTF .. "only you". Story of my life!!

  3. LOL! i have some really funny pics on my iphone too! Thanks for sharing!! hehe