Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blogger #fail!

Yeah yeah yeah.... i know... i was supposed to give you the next part of my vacation on the blogs this week... but alas... i have been swamped, am PMS'ing, and now have a lovely COLD. Still at work though, not sick enough to waste a day... but still catching up from last week (though being busy at work with actual billable work is definitely a blessing).

Anyway... i ended up taking off yesterday to go meet this adorable little guy....

Little sweet baby Philip....  one of my best friend's new additions... and he was so worth the 2 hour drive to Long Island and back (2.5 hours with traffic)...

Ended up having a great day hanging with Joy and catching up, doing a little shopping and she treated me for lunch for my bday.... :)

Anyway, i PROMISE to try my best to get back to the vacation updates so i can finish those up and also catch up on all your blogs!


  1. what a cutie!!


  2. philip is a DOLL!!! he is so adorable :-) hope youre having a great day!