Monday, June 27, 2011

Just Finish Already!

Isn't that what you guys are all thinking? It sure as heck is what i'm thinking! So without further ado, the conclusion to my vacation...

These pictures actually start out in the morning PRE parasailing... we went to the breakfast buffet (hey our hotel didn't offer many close choices! Nothing wrong with biscuits and gravy everyday for 3 days straight RIGHT?)

OOTD: Entire outfit f21

i love a guy in plaid shorts... seksi!

My baby made me a breakfast waffle!
Post parasailing, we were looking for a lunch spot and decided to do a little bull riding! This was the randomest place ever (in the middle of an outdoor shopping area) to find a mechanical bull. However, that didn't stop us from hopping right on (and getting thrown right off!)

Save a horse, ride a mechanical bull?


Smiling just before i got chucked off.

Here goes G!

We decided to lunch at a place called Greg Normans. It was really lovely. On the water in a marina, so boats could just pull up, dock and go eat... Lunch was delicious... i had a nice glass of wine and enjoyed the view.

For our big night out, we decided on Brazilian BBQ "rodizio" style. For those of you not familiar with it, you have these little cards, one side red, one side green. Waiters walk around with skewers of meat (chicken, steak, pork, etc) and if your card is green will stop and serve you pieces...
OOTN: Dress (f21), Shoes (

Yup, they sang loudly. Totally embarassing!

Yeah, i had to get a picture of the shoes.... the backstory to these shoes, is that they have been patiently sitting in my closet for TWO years waiting to go on a date. That's right, TWO years is a very long time to wait for such gorgey shoes to be taken out, agree? So i figured, what could be more perfect than my birthday night...

By the time we got back to the hotel, we were exhausted and ended up just passing out early...

Sunday was another beach day, we played some mini golf (he won by ONE point. i demand a rematch!), lunched at an all you can eat seafood buffet with a giant crab, and hit up the aquarium... 

we decided to stop here, it was only about 95 degrees out!
i'm a better golfer than mini golfer believe it or not.
Concentrating... we both got hole in ONEs!
Now that's a big crab!
2 fat kids. Post eating about 30 crab legs.
At the aquarium!
Swimming with the fishes...

Shark week!
Scared of a cat fish??? LOL
Goofing off in the gift shop. i told him the green was definitely his color...
Sad face. Time to leave.

Monday morning bright and early, we packed up to head back to good old Jersey... it was the BEST birthday i might have EVER had and such a fun time that i can't wait to plan our next trip!


  1. that birthday dress is HOT.

    i've never been to Greg Norman's restaurant but always heard good things.

    glad you had a great time in the "dirty myrtle!"

  2. Love your black heels!!!
    Im your new follower!


  3. That F21 bday dress is smoking, I love it & the shoes you finally got to wore with it are adorb! Yes I've had Brazilian style once and almost puked afterward from how much food I ate. OUT OF CONTROL! SO MUCH FOOD.

    Looks like a really great time, HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!