Monday, April 11, 2011

Busy as a Bee...

This weekend was pretty busy... Friday got to the BF's house, ate a quick dinner (he made me spaghetti with clam sauce, super yummy!) and then we headed to go see Arthur.

it was pretty funny and russell brand did a great job. of course i have never seen the original, which the BF insists is still better and is a classic. so we're going to try to get the original so i can compare.

saturday we were up bright and early and hit short hills mall so i could get a little something special from here:

after the mall we hit the gym for a half-assed workout. LOL neither of us were very motivated to be there but at least we gave it half a try.

the rest of the afternoon was spent ava sitting... i took her to the playground, fed her, played with her. she was adorable! and a lot of work! made me realize that as much as im ready for a baby, and as rewarding as its going to be, its also going to be a TON of work. gone will be the days of treating myself to expensive hand bags, gone will be the days of sleeping in. i'm grateful to have met G and excited to eventually start a family with him but also know that i'm glad to have a little more time before all that actually happens (though not TOO long, damn biological clock is ticking louder and louder everyday!)

sunday G went to work, and my busy day started. Hit the gym early for kickboxing then ran some errands... and got THIS at Bed, Bath & Beyond!

being that in 6 months i'll most likely be living in a 3rd floor condo (and being that i've been doing the grocery shopping now as it is) i figured this was worth my $3.99 ON CLEARANCE - SCORE! i managed to put 8 plastic bags of fruits and veggies on it and lug it up the 3 levels (definitely a bicep workout!)

i also picked up this adorable little guy for G (as a joke). Meet Jetson!

Here's the back story. When the Jets made it to the playoffs we had gone to PetSmart for dog food and i fell in love with the cutest little hamster. We made a deal that if the Jets made it to the SuperBowl, we'd get little Jetson. Well sadly, the Jets couldn't do it, and in hindsight, 2 dogs is more than enough to take care of! But I thought G would like a pet we didn't have to really care for. Too bad the pups hate him. Since he's mobile (with the touch of a button) i think they were scared - well for a little til Rio snatched him up and ran away with him!

The rest of the day was laundry, cooking lunches for the week and dinner for last night. All in all a busy weekend... hoping next weekend will be a little more relaxing!

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