Monday, April 25, 2011

OOTD: Easter Edition

Hope everyone had a "hoppy" easter! Mine was kind of laid back... church and then brunch with the fam. It was a buffet and i've decided i'm possibly the worst person to take to an all you can eat buffet. Mainly because I was full after my first plate. LOL. But, being a trooper and wanting to get my $40 worth (yup, the rents made me pay my own way, something about being an independent woman with a better job than them?) I managed to get my fat a$$ up there not one, not two but THREE times!

Anyway, being that my dress from this post had just come in the mail, i figured i'd share my Outfit Of The Day. Minus it being 90 degrees out, and me sweating my tooshy off, i thought i looked pretty fly... ok ok, maybe not fly per se... but not completely unfortunate looking. :)

dress: anthropologie, shoes: steve madden, belt: from a shirt i got at a boutique in virginia, ring: Brandy Pham, pearl necklace: gift

(don'cha love scoo chowing down in the background of the pic? hehe...)

What did you do for Easter? Egg hunts? Easter baskets?

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  1. Great outfit!!! Loving the legs ... I wish I had hot legs. BOOOO