Friday, April 1, 2011

Finally Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! Very glad this week is coming to a close. I had some super extra special moments this week (all little silly stupid things).

  • Changed into my gym clothes an HOUR before work was ending, instead of 5 minutes before (i obviously read the wrong time on the clock)
  • Kept throwing trash into the space where i THOUGHT my trash can was, only to realize i kept throwing it on the floor.
  • Cancelled a dinner date with a friend for next week because i thought it was conflicting with another dinner which is really 2 weeks from now.

I blame it on lack of sleep! I'm usually a person that likes to get about 7 hours of zzz's. This week i don't think i even got to bed before 11 and def didn't fall asleep before midnight. So with that said, it was a ditzy kind of week. I did however make it to the gym 4x this week so go me!

Anyway, saw this ring on daily candy yesterday and its been something i've been searching for (see my wish list on the side for a similar ring). Since it was 30% off and was only $28 to begin with, i figured this was a reasonable purchase! i hope it looks as cute on as it does in the photos! though im a little nervous since i didn't quite know what size to get.

Other than that, the plan for tonight is to do dinner with the BF and then go home and watch this:
Can you believe he's never seen any of them?! Thanks C for lending them to us, tell lil T that I PROMISE i'll return them to her!

In other news, i'm still waiting for my tax refund!! UGH! Apparently, someone somewhere -- either on the IRS side or on my accountants side lost my e-filing. so they had to resubmit it. I mean, i was on the ball this year, i did my taxes in early February- like as early as you could possibly do them! And still no money. Mama needs a new bag people! LOL i kid, i kid.
The good news is that in the meantime i was able to consolidate my debt using a website called - now that i can consolidate everything into 1 payment (and hopefully pay MORE than the payment) i have to be a good girl and leave all the credit cards at home. so sad... but will only be helping me in the end. i think i've done a pretty good job (minus the ring above) on cutting back on the shopping, so now that i've reorganized my finances, i should be all set.

Anyway, happy April Fool's Day (yup, i got pranked today)... have a great weekend!

PS Might have an exciting HAIR post for you next week, hee hee... im so excited but its a secret!

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