Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Swing Batter Batter...

With baseball season in full swing, i'm definitely looking forward to some summer tailgating, a little flip cup and of course watching the Phillies!

I have a great group of friends that get together every year and hit up a few games and i'm hoping this year will be no different.

I rocked this shirt all last year...

(yup, thats me, rockin out. and wasted. LOL)

so this year, i'm hoping to get a new shirt and change it up a bit! here are my choices...

All the shirts are around the same price, so that's not a factor... i just can't decide which i like the best. and being a girl on a budget, i can't justify buying more than 1 per season. esp since the BF is a die hard Yankees fan and is planning on converting me soon (though, i don't know if that's going to happen)

So which one would YOU pick?

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