Monday, April 4, 2011

Feather Fun!

OK, so now that the drama of this morning is over... (though my finger is still throbbing) here's the weekend recap.

Friday the BF and i had our Toy Story night... though we only made it through the first of the movies (which i had already seen) and he fell asleep half way through. i don't quite think he's the Toy Story kinda guy... maybe if we ever have kids and he's forced to watch it... LOL it was still a nice, laid back kind of night...

Saturday, we were up early (probably because we passed out so early the night before) and i had an appointment to get these!

Mine are actually PINK and zebra... they're a little dark and i think next time i want them in a more prominent place but they're adorable and fun!

After that, went to help my dad out and then later we did dinner with him. He wanted to do Indian, since my mother doesn't really like indian food. I wasn't too sure that I would like indian food, but as it turns out, my meal was delish! BF and dad did get an appetizer of ESCARGOT which they made me try! EEK! short of them looking SO scary and gross, they didn't taste too bad... i only managed to eat one though, before the idea of SNAILS was just too much for me!

First thing Sunday morning, i hit my group kick class at the gym and after I met up with my college besties for brunch at Cheesecake Factory and got some bangin' Eggs Benedict (hence why hitting the gym that day was a MUST.) it was so great to catch up with the girls and of course i forgot my camera so i have no pictures for you guys! i definitely want to stay on the ball with getting together with these girls every few months. i know its hard since we're sort of scattered location wise, and everyone has busy lives, kids, families, work, etc. but we have a great time when we have the chance to catch up. So as self-appointed event planner, i definitely want to make sure we don't lose touch. Believe it or not, its been over 10 years since college (omg, how scary is that!!) and i'm so glad these girls are still in my life. we've had a few bumps in the road, but at the end of the day, i'd do anything for these girls.

After lunch, i opted to not walk around the mall (yes, self-determination) and just stopped in Barnes & Noble and picked up this book:

I used to read the sweet valley high books when i was young - and this is the same series but 10 years later! how fun is that! so far im about a quarter of the way thru and loving it. its also nice to be reading again. i took about an 8 month hiatus from reading, i've just been so busy and since my roomates buy every women's magazine under the sun, i always have PLENTY of magazine reading to do. So hopefully this week i can finish up this book and then maybe move onto another!

How were all your weekends? Did you do anything fun? Eat anything yummy?

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