Thursday, April 21, 2011


Took a trip to Target yesterday on our lunch break and found some great bargains i wanted to share with you lovelies! (some of these weren't "bargains" per se, but it was also a PINK themed shopping trip!)

Top left: Roll-up beach mat $2.50
Middle: Colgate toothbrushes (Grey and Pink)
Bottom left: Magenetic notepad $1.00
Bottom middle: Mini pedicure set $1.00
Bottom right: Olay Body Wash (pink and yummy smelling)

I was personally thrilled with the beach mat since i live at the Jersey shore in the summer. Yup, there. i said it. I live at the Jersey Shore in the summah... well not THAT Jersey shore... my shore looks more like this (snooki-free).

Anyway, i thought it was a super cute find, and nice and small so i can throw it in my beach bag and go!

In other news, i've decided that as much as i do love the Jersey Shore, i think i'd like to go away for my birthday. Its in June, so beach/beach bar weather will have just started. I did Headliners last year and it was a blast but i think im ready for something a little more low key this year.

Last year:

Me and the bro

This year:



What are your favorite vacation spots? I'm thinking an extended weekend, Fri-Mon - something fun, exciting, and an all around good time.


  1. Ahh nuts, so you don't see Snooki during the summer? Bummer. and Vegas? LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I suggest Vegas. You can do whatever whenever. It is a total adult's playground :)

  2. I'm loving your Target finds, so fun and so wonderfully pink!! I've never been to Vegas, but I've heard it is a must for celebrating birthdays!

  3. You are so pretty and my vote is Vegas!!!